• SKIN CARE AND SKIN PROTECTION FOR CIRCUMCISED MEN MAKES MEN'S SKIN MORE SENSITIVE FOR BETTER SEX Finally a way for circumcised men to regain some of the sensitivity and soft skin that intact men have. Get that silky feel that European men with foreskins have. After all, the foreskin is nature‚Äôs way to protect and lubricate penile skin, but without foreskin you can become dry and insensitive. Alpha Armor is a skin care product for men that mimics natural foreskin secretions to protect and lubricate mens sensitive skin. Alpha Armor will reverse keritinization and dryness, regenerate new skin cells, and make your penis look and feel better. ASPIRE to achieve your full potential, both in and out of the bedroom. Alpha Armor is for dominant men that take charge, to protect and reinforce their most sensitive area for maximum performance.
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