What is Alpha Armor?2019-01-11T14:45:18-05:00

Alpha Armor is a revolutionary skin-care product for men that was created specifically for circumcised men. For years men have not given much thought to how circumcision affects skin quality and sensitivity of the penis. However a circumcised penis needs more attention and care to prevent dryness, keratinization (cornification) and desensitization.

Why was Alpha Armor created?2019-01-11T16:04:43-05:00

We are experts in the topic of foreskin and circumcision.

Why wasn’t there anything for the circumcised man? The foreskin provides many functional benefits, but without it cut men can be at a disadvantage. It became our mission to do something about this, to help guys achieve their maximum potential.

We researched dermatological medical textbooks. We then consulted with a skin care formulation expert. We discovered a way to produce a skin care product for men that can actually mimic the natural foreskin secretions that protect and lubricate men’s sensitive skin. Finally a way to reverse keritinization and dryness, regenerate new skin cells, and make your penis look and feel better.

Is it ok to say we have found a way to make cut penises great again? 🙂

It’s our mission.

After having developed Alpha Armor, we think it’s crazy for cut men not to be using something to retain sensitivity and maintain soft supple skin. We think it’s more crazy to be cutting off people’s foreskins in the first place, but that’s another story for another time.


Alpha Armor contains:

Emollients and Occlusives

Squalene (plant derived)
Organic Raw African Shea butter
Lanolin extract
Ceresin Beeswax
Coconut oil


Candeia Extract levomenol (from sustainable sources)


Vitamin Complex
Vitamin A (pure retinol in extended-release microcapsule delivery system)
Vitamin B as B5 (d-panthenol)
Vitamin C as L-ascorbyl palmitate
Vitamin E as dl-alpha tocopherol acetate

Blend enhancers

USP Petrolatum
Dimethicone Blend
Food-grade white oil

Inactive Ingredients
Polysorbate 20
Phenylpropanol EHG






Alpha Armor is unscented – with no added fragrance. The natural ingredients including beeswax and candeia offer a light botanical scent.

What is USP Petrolatum?2020-12-17T10:22:39-05:00

We add a small percentage of USP food grade petrolatum in Alpha Armor because it is a hypoallergenic ingredient that is also an excellent emollient, moisturizer & lubricant.

It is not listed as a carcinogen by NTP, IARC, OSHA, or GHS.

California Prop. 65: USP Petrolatum does not contain any chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or any other reproductive harm.

Ethics & Responsibility2020-12-17T10:15:02-05:00

Our products are offered to help men overcome some of the disadvantages of being “cut” and to enjoy a better sexual experience.

ADI Laboratories and Advanced Devices Inc. fully support genital autonomy for all people. We believe all forms of genital cutting forced on minors deprive non-consenting persons of their natural body.

We are committed to financially supporting  non-profit organizations that advocate for genital autonomy of children.


Alpha Armor is parabens free.

What are Parabens?

Parabens is used as a preservative in cosmetics and skin cremes. Parabens are known to disrupt hormone function, an effect that is linked to increased risk of breast cancer and reproductive toxicity. Parabens mimic estrogen by binding to estrogen receptors on cells.

Men definitely should not apply estrogen like compounds to their skin.


Apply a small amount of Alpha Armor to all surfaces of your penis. Include the glans (head), the underside, and apply well past the circumcision scar line.

Alpha Armor will slowly be absorbed into the skin, while providing a layer for moisture retention.

You only need to apply a thin coating of Alpha Armor. Best applied after showering and after sex. Do not overapply to prevent clothing transfer.

You may want to wear dark underwear to prevent staining.

Also apply after swimming to counter the drying effects of chlorine or salt water.

Alpha Armor does not protect against STD’s or unwanted pregnancy. You must follow safe sex practices.

Alpha Armor is not a personal lubricant. It is not compatible with latex condoms.

Alpha Armor can also be used to protect and soothe extremely dry skin, chapped lips, cracked hands and feet, minor cuts and burns, and many other skin irritations. Alpha Armor also works well to enhance and protect tattooed skin.


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