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Finally a way for circumcised men to regain some of the sensitivity and soft skin that intact men have. Get that silky feel that European men with foreskins have. After all, the foreskin is nature’s way to protect and lubricate penile skin, but without foreskin you can become dry and insensitive.

Alpha Armor is a skin care product for men that mimics natural foreskin secretions to protect and lubricate mens sensitive skin. Alpha Armor will reverse keritinization and dryness, regenerate new skin cells, and make your penis look and feel better.

ASPIRE to achieve your full potential, both in and out of the bedroom. Alpha Armor is for dominant men that take charge, to protect and reinforce their most sensitive area for maximum performance.

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First, we precisely combined and blended natural emollients (squalene, ceresin beeswax, raw African shea butter, camelina, lanolin extract, and Coconut oil) plus jojoba oil that interact to mimic foreskin secretions. These occlusive emollients create a strong barrier to prevent dehydration of the skin cells. The barrier also keeps the active ingredients against the skin. The jojoba contains liquid wax esters similar to human sebaceous secretions. The camelina is rich in omega fatty acids to help keep the skin elastic, moisturized and protected.

Then we added vitamins, lots of them, that target skin cells. Specifically, nano-technology micro capsulized Vitamin A – retinyl, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C (modified to be absorbed by fatty skin tissue), and Vitamin E. These vitamins help skin cells repair and regenerate, while also serving as powerful antioxidants. Extensive research has shown that these vitamins promote healthy skin.

We added a plant extract (candeia), obtained from sustainable sources, which reduces inflammation and promotes healing, which is important for men that are doing foreskin restoration.

Lastly, we added a tri-peptide molecule, which is actually three amino acids molecularly joined together. This tripeptide is designed to stimulate collagen growth in skin, which has been proven by in-vitro studies. New collagen means more elastic, more supple, and better-looking skin.

We are making available this a product available at a very low cost for circumcised men, because they deserve to enjoy the maximum sexual experience they possibly can. The only thing that might exceed Alpha Armor would be having a foreskin.

We are trying to help guys that don’t have a foreskin, but still want some of the benefits. It’s like our mission 🙂

Alpha Armor allows the nerve endings in the skin to be uniformly responsive and better functioning, which will provide more control. Dryness and keratinization cause uneven neural response and can lead to premature ejaculation.

When you look at fancy skin repair creams in a pharmacy, they can sell for over $40 an ounce, and contain mostly water. Our product contains no added water. And our product is priced at a fraction of retail prices for high end skin care. Because we care. Because this is our mission.

Alpha Armor is designed to protect & nourish your skin for over 24 hours. No other skin care lasts that long. The best time to apply is right after showering. You can apply twice a day for more rapid results.

Alpha Armor is fragrance free and has a slight sweet taste. So, if you get lucky, there is no need to wash it off, and your partner might remark how good you taste.

If you have a circumcised penis and you want more out of sex, then make Alpha Armor part of your daily routine.

Unscented – no added fragrance. Natural botanical scent

Directions for use: Apply small amount on head & skin of penis daily with fingertip, preferably immediately after bathing. Body heat will activate Alpha Armor. Reduces dryness, reverses keratinization, repairs, protects, & nourishes men‘s sensitive areas. Can be applied before sports or swimming for extra protection. Can also be applied in morning and evening (2x a day) for more rapid results.

Net Weight 4 oz (113 grams). For external use only. Not a personal lubricant – do not use with latex condoms.

***** PARABENS FREE *****

Cruelty-free/No Animal Testing/Mineral or plant based raw sources except lanolin extracted from wool/No human derived compounds.

Alpha Armor is produced exclusively by ADI Laboratories. ADI Laboratories is FDA registered.

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Weight8 oz
Dimensions3 × 3 × 3 in
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