We are experts in the topic of foreskin and circumcision.

Why wasn’t there anything for the circumcised man? The foreskin provides many functional benefits, but without it cut men can be at a disadvantage. It became our mission to do something about this, to help guys achieve their maximum potential.

We researched dermatological medical textbooks. We then consulted with a skin care formulation expert. We discovered a way to produce a skin care product for men that can actually mimic the natural foreskin secretions that protect and lubricate men’s sensitive skin. Finally a way to reverse keritinization and dryness, regenerate new skin cells, and make your penis look and feel better.

Is it ok to say we have found a way to make cut penises great again? 🙂

It’s our mission.

After having developed Alpha Armor, we think it’s crazy for cut men not to be using something to retain sensitivity and maintain soft supple skin. We think it’s more crazy to be cutting off people’s foreskins in the first place, but that’s another story for another time.